• Image of Tempelhof x Gigi Masin - Tsuki

Renowned Italian composer Gigi Masin and producers Tempelhof join for an artistic meeting of minds on new album, Tsuki.

Gigi Masin, the widely regarded minimalist composer, has played a crucial role in Italy’s avant music community since the ‘70s – on radio, television and in theatre via his directorial work. An ongoing source of inspiration to a range of contemporaries, his work has been sampled by artists as diverse as Bjork, Friendzone, Main Attraktionz and To Rococo Rot. Recent endeavours include performing on the Maxmillion Dunbar and Co La project, Lifted, on PAN, while his 1986 album Wind was selected as one of FACT Magazine’s best reissues of last year. Masin is also part of Gaussian Curve, along with Young Marco and Jonny Nash.

Tempelhof (Luciano Ermondi and Paolo Mazzacani) are known for their spacious and expressive downtempo compositions. Having previously released one solo album (Frozen Dancers), a 12” single (Piano Piano) and another joint LP with Masin (Hoshi) in 2014, Tempelhof are deeply respected at home in Mantua and throughout producer circles across Europe, North America and Asia.

Tsuki is an exploration in ambience – soundscapes that are both classically informed and contemporary, with echoes of minimal Japanese electronic and world music. Some material is floating and beatless, while other is driven by distant dustings of percussion, twinkling keys, delicate electronics and wordless vocals. Together, Masin's and Tempelhof’s chemistry is organic, elegant and undeniable, making for a work that while adventurous and accomplished, is honest and emotional.

Art direction by Andrea Amaducci.